Hi Everyone!

        We know many of you are currently enjoying your new ecology lawn or have been for years, here is your chance to share your experience and some pictures of it with everyone. 

    If you have a picture or few of your ecology or alternative lawn, send them in, and if they're great, we'll post them right here on our website.  We always are getting asked about our ecology and alternative lawns and how they do in certain conditions or how look at different times of year?  If you have planted one of our mixes, like the famous 'Fleur de Lawn' or our great 'Rough and Ready or really any of our mixes, we'd love to hear from you!

    We'll be posting them as we get them and also if you have any comments or notes you'd like to include, that would be great, and could be very informative to all of us growing our very own ecology lawns.

    Hope to hear from you soon! 



PS, you can e-mail  me directly at : caleb@protimelawnseed.com