Hi Everyone!

  Yesterday Keith got a chance to take a trip down the valley to see all of the new and exciting developments in the wonderful world of grass seed.  We preview and select the very best new varieties of grass seed so that you can be sure when you pick up a bag of Pro-Time Lawn Seed, you know you are getting the best seed for your lawn.

  Keith snapped some photos while he was touring the test plots.  Take a look at the pictures below (and the stormy weather rolling in.)

Test plots in the morning...is there anything better? 

Looks like this orchard grass is getting a bit tall huh?  This is why we like Companion so much for your orchard applications. 

All kinds of stuff here...

Where is the light green grass planted? Oh, yeah... :)

Some native test plots...great variety of northwest native seeds! 

Of course if you have any questions always feel free to give us a call at (503) 239-7518 or email us at info@protimelawnseed.com