Sunday Parkways came to ProTime Lawn Seed last weekend. 

The city of Portland Bureau of Transportation organizes Sunday Parkways to connect neighborhoods and people. A six-mile loop of Southeast Portland streets were closed to vehicle traffic allowing folks to explore on foot and on bike.

We decided to set up a snow cone stand so we could meet our neighbors as they paraded by our store and boy did we! We handed out 1200 snow cones during the five hour event…that’s one about every 15 seconds.

It was a delight to offer the cooling treats on a hot summer day and fun to hear grown men and women exclaim that they had not enjoyed a snow cone since childhood.

Here are a few photos of the many neighbors we were privileged to meet.

Bikes galore, stopping by for quick snow cone. 

We served around 1200 snow-cones Sunday, helping the riders keep cool. 

A very good day for snow-cones! :)

Everyone joins in the fun! 

Portland's future bike commuters taking a quick snow-cone break.