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Turface is a porous ceramic soil conditioner which lends itself to many uses. Resembling crushed terra cotta, its unique ability to absorb moisture and prevent compaction puts it in a league of its own. Used for:

*Baseball Infields
*Soil Amendment
*Nursery plantings
*Backfilling Aeration holes
*Moisture retention applications

Turface has been the #1 choice for Major League Baseball and all lower levels of play by groundskeepers for 30 years because of its unequaled ability to soak up its own weight in rainwater, thereby preventing many rain-outs. Its texture and size help reduce player injuries, while the uniform color makes the baseball more visible. How to renovate an infield.

New Lawn Structuring
In new lawn construction, especially in soils with high clay content, Turface can be tilled in before seeding to combat compaction. With more room for air in the soil, the plants can breathe. The tiny passageways that Turface provides greatly improve water drainage.

Pallets of Turface

Great for Drainage
Landscapers use it extensively to backfill aeration holes, further reducing compaction and increasing drainage. Turface is also popular in gardens and anywhere else the soil needs to be amended for increased drainage and less compaction.

Turface works very well in nursery plantings when mixed with soil 25-50% as it retains moisture for a very long time.

Similar calcined clay products can’t live up to Turface’s unique manufacturing process, which provides stable, uniform particles with consistent color and little dust.

Available in 50 lb. bags.

Turface MVP close up