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Pro Time 706 Fragrant Herbal

Fragrant Herbal Lawn is self-supporting, earth-friendly and features Roman Chamomile, Sweet Alyssum and Strawberry Clover combined with hardy, low-growing grasses and other herbaceous plants.

Enjoy the interesting textures in this herbal lawn and experience the sweet fragrance whenever you mow.

Use Fragrant Herbal for your casual lawn, the transitional area outside of your manicured lawn, hillsides, meadows or anywhre a low maintenance cover is desired.

No fertilizer and only minimal water are required after establishment to maintain this hardy, self-sustaining lawn. Mow about once a month to maintain this lawn at a height between 3 and 5 inches.

Fragrant Herbal makes it possible to enjoy a bit of the countryside in your outdoor living space.

This mix includes:
*Dwarf perennial ryegrass
*Roman Chamomile
*Sweet Alyssum

Application Rate: 1lb per 1000 sq ft

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