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Microclover® produces an amazingly green turf that is wear tolerant, sustainable, easy to maintain, will save you time and money.  The tiny Microclover naturally fertilizes the lawn with Nitrogen and results in less fertilizing, less watering, less mowing and less hastle.

Microclover® is adapted to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions; it is already growing successfully all around the world.  Microclover® tolerates wet and shade conditions, as well as drought. However it can only tolerate wet conditions as long as the area is not flooded for long periods.

The appearance of turf containing Microclover® will be superior to traditional turf. The clover permanently fertilizes the grass, thus increasing its’ wear tolerance. In addition it weaves its stolons with the grass, spreading evenly and integrating its leaves homogeneously into the lawn.

Clover remains greener much longer than grasses do, in both drought and cold conditions. Lawns containing Microclover® are a brighter green earlier and later in the year. It has a good summer color, as it is particularly resistant to drought because of its deep rooting system.

Normal white clover looks considerably different to turf grass. Microclover® has such tiny leaves (one third of the size of ordinary white clover) and short stems, so that from a distance of two meters it looks like ordinary grass.

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