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Southern Fall/Winter Overseed Mix

Make your southern lawn green and beautiful this winter with our premium overseeding mix.  Used by some of the best golf clubs in the country.  Fast germination, high durability, drought resistance, and excellent color.
For use in all areas planted with warm season grasses - Southern California, Arizona, Florida, and throughout the South.
Our seed is grown right next to us in Oregon's Willamette Valley, the grass seed capitol of the world.  We test and select only the very best performing new varieties of perennial ryegrass for our overseed mix. No cheap annual ryegrass is ever included.
Steps for successful establishment:
1. Mow lawn to shortest mower height.
2. If the lawn has a lot of thatch (you have too much thatch if you can't see the soil when looking down) thatch lawn with a rake or a power dethatcher. These are available at most rental yards.
3. Optionally aerate the lawn.
4. Spread lawn seed with a drop spreader or hand spreader. If using a drop spreader, go over the area in two different directions to ensure even spreading.
5. Water thoroughly for the first three days to ensure good seed to soil contact. 
6. Make sure the seed stays moist for the first two weeks for the best germination.
You should start seeing new grass in 7-10 days.
Overseeding rate: 10 lbs per 1000 square feet.
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